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·      Objectives for both areas are posted.

·      Desks are arranged to facilitate conversations.

·      There is a dedicated classroom for arts and arts integration that supports creations.

·      There are assessments for both the content and arts areas.

·      Arts and arts integration are given adequate time in the schedule.

·      There is a system in place for effective parent communication

·      Arts and arts integration class grades are weighted the same as content areas.

·      Collaborative planning is given time in the schedule on a monthly basis.


 ·      Active engagement from all students.

·      Collaboration is happening between students and between teachers.

·      Teachers are willing to share instruction time for arts integration projects.

·      Shared performance spaces are scheduled and shared harmoniously.

·      Teachers are using brain-based learning strategies.

·      Teachers and students demonstrate a curiosity and enthusiasm about arts integration.

·      All students attend arts and arts integration classes.

·      Parents support projects by volunteering in helpful ways.

·      All students participate in exhibitions and performances.

·      The community attends exhibitions and performances.


 ·      All teachers will participate in professional development in arts integration throughout the year.

·      Students will engage in respectful dialogue and treat all property with care.

·      Teachers and students use studio time to take learning risks in a safe place.

·      There are logical consequences for student behaviors that helps them find success.

·      The arts are considered an integral part of a child’s education.


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