For grades 2-4


Story Theatre brings printed stories to the stage without the use of a script. Actors create characters and dialogue using the "no mistakes only gifts," improv philosophy. The structure of the story makes the students feel safe, while the freedom of the improv gives them ownership of their creative choices. The absence of a script encourages students who are uncomfortable reading aloud to feel confident in front of peers and teachers. The result is a natural, enjoyable performance by the young actors. Our story theater program teaches students how fun and easy it is to perform using teamwork and their creative choices.  


This twelve-session project introduces all aspects of theater to the classroom. Students are lead through the collaborative process to create characters and plot outlines. Professional playwrights take the out-lines and create a play with enough speaking parts for each student. The rehearsal process gives every student a chance to work as stage managers, stage crew, costumers, and set designers. When used in conjunction with the art teachers, this program ends with a full performance the students can call their own.


Like the PAGE to STAGE project, this twelve-session residency introduces all aspects of theater but adds the student’s music teacher and classes to the collaboration. This program also ends with a full performance that students can share with their school community. 

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