AI Goals

 ·    Lead schools in establishing quality arts integeration programs.

·       Lead high quality, useful professional development in arts integration.

·       Lead the staff through figuring out where the school falls on the arts integration continuum.

·       Help the staff work through the pain points in establishing arts integration in their classrooms.

·       Faciliate collaboration between teachers to design and co-teach arts integration.

·       Lead the staff in creating arts integration lesson seeds, lesson plans, and assessments by using standards.

·       Help the school establish attainable goals for arts integration by creating plans and timelines.

·       Co-design or design lesson plans in all content areas.

·       Co-teach lessons in music, theater and dance.

·       Engage the community in the arts integration effort by involving parents and teaching artists in the process.

·       Engage the larger community by inviting them to performances, presentations and exhibitions. 

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